Go gently with yourself

Hello beautiful readers! I so appreciate you being here, reading this.

We all want to grow. We all want to advance. We all want to be and become our best us. This is a good and worthy goal.

But HOW do we accomplish this? Do we push and drive ourselves? Do we punish ourselves for missing the mark?

I say no. Would you treat your best friend like that? Would you treat your small child like that? No. Criticism does NOT help create success. Instead, self criticism has been shown to create depression and anxiety.

So what does help us learn, grow and expand? Self compassion. Being genuinely kind and supportive to oneself is what research shows allows us to get the best results. Self compassion moves us through the hard times in the best and quickest way possible.

I write this as a big reminder to myself. I have been having some deep insights and new understandings recently due to the heart of money course I am taking for 8 weeks and a virtual retreat last week on Divine power. I am soaking it in, but also feeling a push to take action. Or a judgment that I should be taking action. And actually, I AM taking some inspired action, but my mind is saying it is not enough.

So….. I stop. I breathe. I connect to God. And I support myself in the action I am taking. I remind myself that I need time (per my human design of a triple split) to process information. I suggest to myself that maybe I am going the right speed for ME. Maybe everything is ok.

And that feels better than the harsh judgment. I feel space and renewed energy to keep settling into these new insights and awarenesses.

I encourage you to practice some self compassion today.

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