Have a “gentle” holiday

It is December 22.  Christmas is almost here.  And other holidays have happened or are happening.  Yesterday was the shortest day of the year – Winter Solstice.  It is a time of slowing down, going within for a lot humans.  Some of this can be positive, some can be negative or stressful.  There can also be a lot of “busyness” and obligations. 

It is common to wish folks “Merry Christmas” or “Happy holidays”.  While these greetings are very well intentioned, they can also be challenging or problematic for some.  Holidays can be a time of pain and reminders of loss for many folks.  Holiday times can highlight the loneliness many feel as they see ads and shows of “happy families” having great social times, when they are not.  

So, in this season of challenge for many, I came across a LOVELY idea (borrowed from a therapist somewhere, unnamed in the post I saw on facebook).  The idea was to wish people a GENTLE holiday.  When I read this I exhaled and relaxed.  THIS is lovely and supportive.  I needed it.   This is useful.  

I wish YOU a gentle holiday.  May it be gentle to you.  May you be gentle with yourself.  May you be gentle to others.  

And I also wish you a GENTLE new year.  May we all take ideas of self compassion and care for others into the new year.  

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