How to Support Me

As the coronovirus changes how everything works right now, I have shifted to doing daily Facebook live videos and daily YouTube videos. I do these because I am moved to do so. I wish to be of service. 

My therapy practice also continues, but I am not sure how it may change. I do believe my income from that work WILL be affected by the numerous and growing shut downs of industries. At this time, that is how I pay my bills.  

Some friends suggested I find a way to allow others to voluntarily give to me, to support me as I am offering my professional help to my viewing audience through the videos. 

So,  if any of you have viewed my videos and are helped by them, and are moved to support me financially, know that I welcome that support. 

You can send me a gift through my PayPal account at this time. My paypal is 

In the future I may have another method. 

Thank you.