My lazy day at the farm (why you should listen to yourself!)

Monday was a day off work for me. With no specific obligations. I slept in a bit, but not late. Went to town to mail a book I sold the night before. Did a bit of walking and Pokemon hunting in town. Then went home.

My mind began to chatter at me. With “shoulds.” “You should call the pet store, see if you can take babies in.” “You should go do a salt room session.” Nothing wrong with either of these tasks. But I had no energy to leave the farm on Monday.

I rested. I played my hayday farm. When John got home I got to visit with him a bit before he left to play golf.

Monkey mind kept chattering at me. Today is the perfect time to do these errands. You should.

And I would check in with myself. I just did not want to. The energy was not there.

My teenage son appeared around 1 pm. I hung out with him. Still my mind chattered on.

Meanwhile, I DID have the energy to finish up a great blog. I also did some critter chores here. Where the energy and motivation was I took action. I paid attention to my inner world. I respected myself.

Really, it was an amazing day.

I rested.
I finished a great blog.
Got to see my boyfriend.
Had hours of hang out time with my son. We had some heart talk time.
I got some critter chores done.
Had a refreshing swim with Luke in the evening.

What a blessing that day was. I am glad I listened to myself.

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