I come to you today from Williamsburg, VA. I am blessed to be on vacation with family. And having a good week.

I am practicing a skill this week that I want to remind you all about. I wish to make my experiences here as strong and amazing as possible. To help my system do this I am practicing savoring.

Savoring uses the brain truth that whatever we focus on, whatever we review in our minds, grows stronger and stronger. The more vividly we imagine a memory or current experience the stronger it gets.

My favorite place is Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA. My sister and I went as teens and made good memories. As an adult I continued to go and love it. When I had my son I took him there as a baby. It was my happy place. And it still is. I literally feel good just being there.

So this week, as I am there, I make conscious effort to focus on HOW good I feel. I close my eyes to feel it more. I open my eyes and pay attention to the beautiful, colorful sights. I listen to the music and sounds that are there. I wish to ingrain every aspect of the place into my brain and body and feelings. I want to take it all home with me at the end.

Every time I magnify my senses it strengthens my brain pathways about Busch gardens. It makes my good memories even better. This is how savoring works.

So today, for YOU, find a good moment, a happy place, a fun activity, and savor it: make it bigger, happier, more intense. And the not so good moments today….be careful to not accidently savor them and make them even worse.

We do have choice….about what we focus on. Focus on the better stuff today.

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