What if everything is OK?

I wish to share a re-created dialogue I had with myself saturday night driving home. I was falling into depression and despair. Here is how I handled it.

Me: It is all pointless. It is all futile.
Kind me: That might be true.
Me: I don’t want to do this anymore.
Kind me: That’s ok.
Me: I feel sad.
Kind me: That’s ok.
Me: And I am mad too.
Kind me: That’s ok.
Me: Why? Why can’t I be happy? Why does my brain work like this?
Kind me: I am not sure. This is hard. What if it is ok for your brain to work this way?
Me: But I don’t want it to!
Kind me: I know. And that is ok that you don’t want it to work the way it does.
Me: Life is easier for others. It is not fair!
Kind me: Perhaps. It is ok for you to feel that way. I get it. I see it.
Me: (calmer) I still am upset.
Kind me: Absolutely! Be upset as much as you want and for as long as you want. I am here for you. (I gave myself permission to feel. Very important!)
Me: Now I am tired. I get tired of being upset.
Kind me: Yeah, takes a lot of energy to feel things. It is ok to feel tired.
Me: Will this ever be over?
Kind me: Maybe not. But I am here. You are strong. You are fine as you are. You can keep moving thru this thing called life.
Me: sigh
Kind me: And some moments are good. Right?
Me: yeah….
Kind me: It IS hard. It is a tough challenge to keep feeling in this world of mean people. It is ok that it is hard. There is nothing wrong with you that you find this hard at times.
Me: Really? I think I am failing somehow.
Kind me: No. Not at all. The struggle is a normal part of this life as an emotionally wired person.
Me: sigh. That is a relief!
Kind me: (laughing) Isn’t it?!? You are fine. Doing very well actually.
Me: Thank you.

When we think or feel ANYTHING, we need to practice self acceptance.

Simply say to yourself …… That’s ok.

And see what happens.

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