What Winter May Mean

Winter is officially here. So what does this mean physically, mentally and emotionally?  Especially for us pearls, us more heart centered people? 

 The days are short, the temperature cold.  Many people notice a drop in energy.  Motivation may be harder to come by, harder to sustain.  We may feel the need to go slower, to rest more.  

This is all pretty normal!  In our “go, go GO!” society it may be odd to slow down, but nature takes a break this time of year.  So our mammal bodies may also wish to slow.  The land takes a break from growing things.  Many animals hibernate in some form or fashion, or they migrate to warmer places for the coldest times.  Our bodies may not want to go outside into the cold, to use all that energy to stay warm.  Our bodies may tell us to stay inside, be comfortable, be warm, be cozy.  This is OK.  Winter can be a beautiful time of going within, or introspection.  I think this can be especially true for us heart centered people.  

The reduction in sunlight hours causes a drop in our body’s production of seratonin.  This chemical helps us feel good, feel up and happy.  If we have a drop in it, we may feel fatigued, irritable and sad.  Cloudy weather can also create a feeling of sadness in many people.  We also tend to have a reduction of vitamin D in our bodies during winter.  This can also affect mood and energy.    

So, honor this season, honor you body’s wishes.  Consciously slow down.  Intentionally take more time.  Intentionally rest more (and do not give yourself a guilt trip!)  

If your sadness becomes extreme or you can’t function or begin to think of harming yourself, please speak to a doctor or mental health professional.  

While slowing down is always OK, some physical activity is also very good for us.  See if you can find some gentle and joyful movement to incorporate into your days.  That will help to keep our spirits in decent order as we get thru the winter season.  

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