When Your Body Fails You

Something goes wrong. You get injured. You become sick. Your body is not able to do what it always has before. How do you react?

If you are like me…..not very gracefully. You keep trying to do what you used to do. You cannot. You tire more easily. Your body hurts. There are new aches and pains. There are new medical diagnoses. It is SO frustrating. It is SO upsetting. It is SO scarey.

My current limitations with my blood clots are very frustrating to me. I have to rest more. I have to go slower. I hate it. Being less active triggers my depression and anxiety. Due to the blood thinners I am on I cannot use CBD oil (which has been managing my mood issues very well for a while.) While I believe I am healing, I am dealing with numbness in my left ankle and foot, which is upsetting to me. At times I have some leg swelling. I just want to be back to normal functioning.

Yet I am not. And to keep fighting this is foolish. So, what do I do?

First, it is vital that I recognize and accept ALL my feelings. There is no way to get around this. One cannot avoid the present emotions. We must instead move THRU them. So, when tears come I practice allowing them. I have a good cry. I get them out. And I practice self compassion by supporting myself. I am kind, I tell myself that it is ok and understandable to have all these feelings. Once the feelings settle then I do what I must to care for myself. I also allow myself to accept help from others. I reach out to supportive others. I don’t isolate myself.

I know so many folks who are at times struggling with these physical challenges. They are NOT fun. Aging IS NOT easy. Chronic illnesses are demoralizing. Change is HARD. So, if you are struggling, you are NOT alone.

Here is another piece. While we currently live in human bodies, this is not only who we are. I believe we are so much more. I believe we are a part of the Divine. I believe we are eternal souls inside the human flesh body. So while physical challenges really stink….it is not who we ultimately are….we are SO much more.

We are eternal. We are beautiful beyond measure. We are amazing. We are love. We are all good. We are all power. We are pure energy.

So when days are hard, maybe think on that. Connect to that bigger reality. Rest in that. I know I do.

And do what you must to get thru the hard days, the bad days. They will pass.

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