You can change your mind!

Do you sometimes feel trapped, stuck in old patterns, old choices, old habits? Do you think you must continue to do what you have done before?

I am here to tell you or to remind you that you can change your mind! You can make a different choice. You can take a different path.

Why do we feel stuck or trapped in old ways? Why do we feel we must do what we have always done?

Sometimes it is a comfort zone issue. We are used to our habits. Habits are very ingrained in our brains and our daily lives. Most of our behavior every day is habit, not conscious choice. Consciously choosing everything all day long would be exhausting! So our brain uses the method that saves energy, ingrained habits.

It can also be a social challenge to make a change. Friends and family are used to you being a certain way and living your life a certain way. If you begin to make new and different choices, they may be uncomfortable or not be sure how to respond (or respond negatively.)

Simply giving yourself the space to CONSIDER a change may be all you need. The other day I was driving home thinking about a recent choice/action I had made. My initial self talk was, “well, now that you have taken that step, you HAVE TO continue down that path.” I stopped myself and questioned that assumption. Who says I “have to” keep going? Why? What makes me locked into some pathway? NOTHING.

I then practiced self compassion and kindness. I told myself that first of all, NOTHING major needed to be decided that night. I assured myself that I had MANY options about future action. I was in no way “locked into” any path just because of one choice. I reminded myself that I can TRY something without it being a lifelong commitment!

Doing this took a HUGE weight off me. I literally felt lighter and more spacious. Talking myself thru these demanding mental thoughts gave me space to notice my various feelings about my recent new choice. I was able to simply BE with my mix of feelings. That is so important for future decision making, when that time comes.

Remember, you are a different you today than you were yesterday or a year ago! What worked for you a year ago may not today. That is ok. Honor the amazing being you are becoming NOW and find out what is best for you now. Then step in that direction. It may be the best thing you ever did!

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