About Faith

I am a LCSW-C in the state of MD.

I have been on a healing journey all my life. This journey has helped me realize that my purpose in this human life IS to help others heal, transform and grow into their very best self. (My other clear purpose is to be a mom to my son Luke.)

I have a close connection with animals and nature (gate of the breeder in human design!) I have raised and shown cavies (guinea pigs) for over 25 years. I am also a cavy judge and travel around the USA judging and exhibiting. I have returned to breeding my beloved Rex rabbits. My critters are a big part of my personal wellness and happiness.

I am currently living out an old childhood dream of living on a farm. It is a “right place” for me and thus is a good and healthy place for me to be.

My counseling practice at Bay Counseling in Bel Air, MD is another very positive, healthy place for me. My support staff is a blessing.

I have just begun a partnership with Better Help and am providing online therapy through that platform.